Hall of Fame

Plex is a community-driven strategy game. It has been called: the Swiss version of the Chinese strategy game GO, but with a twist ...

Unlike every other game in the world, copies of Plex are highly scarce. So sacred that the only way to score a set is to win against someone who already owns a copy.

The game within a game - to get a game - is a challenge like no other. So far, less than 100 fellow humans have been able to score a copy. The Who is Who, of our little Hall of Fame is a well kept secret. By the time you score a copy you'll know who your fellow players are.  

One thing is for sure: all past, current, and future holders of Plex are blessed with exceptional minds, and are highly driven to constantly improve their patterns.

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By creating thoughtful patterns in Plex and our lives, we strive to (re)-shape today's society and the environment through logic and play. We acknowledge the necessity to change destructive patterns that are harming us, and the environment.

Our small circle of curious minds includes only the brightest beings from literally every corner of the world. The backgrounds of our members are as diverse as the patterns played in Plex.

To put it simply: Players of Plex are changing the world in their specific fields through seeing underlying patterns and acting upon them.

From cutting-edge battery scientists to mobility visionaries, over philosophers, to hackers, entrepreneurs, architects, blockchain evangelists, writers, artists, activists, designers, and many more, the scope and depth of the collective intelligence gathered around Plex is unmatched.  

Have you won your Plex key and want to know how to get your copy? File this questionnaire.
If you are curious and want to play online, you can sign up here for the Beta version, which is currently in production.

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Every time two minds play, creativity and logic unfold in colourful new forms creating new patterns that tell stories.

Creating beautiful life time patterns is a key to a happy life. Learning from past patterns is a gift for those who grow a life long.

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The first version of Plex was called Birom. It was invented by Gian's uncle - Göri Klainguti, a true renaissance man living in the Engadine Valley (Switzerland).

The game was played for many years exclusively within their family. In 2011, Gian received the exclusive rights to futher develope the game and share it amongst friends, friends of friends and the world. In 2018 Birom was renamed Plex® - Pattern of the Mind, to emphasise the simple rules leading to com-plex patterns. Plex is currently not for sale. If you see someone playing, you'll need to challenge the person and win to essentially score your own copy.

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Greetings from the depths of reality.
While I love traveling to the multi-verse
and exploring what it means to be human,
I also spend some time on planet Earth.

Primarily in Pontresina, a small mountain
village in the Swiss Alps, and on We/Th
at my studio in Zürich:

Gian Klain
Neue Hard 14
8005 Zürich

(Ring the doorbell at Triarc Labs)

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