As award winning Creative Director, Storyteller and Executive Producer Gian Klainguti (aka Gian Klain) helps national and international Brands, NGOs and Entertainment Companies expand through captivating storylines, well produced content, and thoughtful messages.

From concept and production of Virtual Personal Assistance (VPA) for Ford / Lincoln China, storytelling and content creation in VR/XR for, to directing and producing animated stories in various formats across industries, Gian's expertise and track record have allowed him to consistently work at the forefront of technology and creativity.


MING Labs asked Gian if he was interested in co-developing a AI-driven VPA Mascot for FORD and Lincoln China

Around 10 intensive months later the VPA for FORD went life at 2021's Shanghai Auto. As of October 2021 the VPA is onboard every EVOS and Mustang Mach-E released in China. Gian's roles included developing the high-level concept around conscious energy, and producing the actual VPA mascot. He worked for FORD China via MING Labs in collaboration with Derengo Studio.

For more information on the project and AI driven Brand Mascots in China's Automobile industry read MING Labs case study written by Will Marks: "When AI Meets Brand Mascots. The Wonderful World of Chinese Digital Assistants." on Medium.

©FORD China, MING Labs, Postkom, Derengo

Concept Development / CD / EP
Ford VPA China
Ford VPA China Character Design
Demo FORD VPA China In car
Various States - Ford VPA CHINA
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Paradise Lost - XR experience

In "Paradise Lost" users can explores the corals reef through the eye and body of a sea-turtle. It tells a story about the beautiful coral reefs; their impact on balancing a complex ecosystem and how they are currently bleaching out due to climate change.

From writing the interactive script and co-directing to producing this full-body XR experience that runs exclusively on a Birdly machines, Gian took on various roles in the creation and production of this award winning XR experience with a strong environmental message. It can be explored at various museums and entertainment parks worldwide on the Birdly network.

Created over at

Silver HALO "Best Creative Accomplishment"
Silver HALO "Best Location-based VR"
GIFF - Festival Highlight

Script, Co-Director, Executive Producer
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VRace - Escape Velocity - XR Experience

"VRace - Escape Velocity" is a full-body racing game on steroids.

It takes place in outer space on a race track containing a myriad of tunnels that twist and turn, where every second counts. Gian spearheaded the development of this highly addictive XR game running on the Birdly® apparatus and network.

Created over at

Premiered at Gamescom

Creative Producer
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ETH Mobiliar Lab - Human Computer Interactions

The ETH / Mobiliar Lab came across some of Gian's artistic work and reached out...

This lead to a fruitful collaboration where the ETH Mobiliar Lab for Analytics commissioned Gian to create a series of pictures to help communicate their research around human-computer interactions.

The project was lead with the strong support of Dr. Erika Meins and Dr. Andrea Ferrario

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Artist, Research
Gian Klain ETH Zürich Mobiliar Klainguti responsible Human ComputerInteraction Design
Gian Klain ETH Zürich Mobiliar Klainguti Interaction Design
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Jurassic Flight - XR Experience

People of all ages have been fascinated by the Dinosaur Era. In the fully immersive XR experience Jurassic Flight running a Birdly flight simulator you can....

embody a pterosaur, allowing you to fly amongst dinosaurs roaming the Earth during the Jurassic time period. The experience was created in close collaboration with palaeontologists, scientific researches and museum directors to create a realistic representation of our planet 150 million years ago.

Created over at Birdly®

Bronze HALO for "Creative achievement" 2018

Creative Director / Executive Producer
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Little Stitches - Merry Knitmas

"The Little Stitches" is a viral transmedia IP to fall in love with....

The short animation "Merry Knitmas” is a witty Christmas story straight from the Little Stitches world. To find out more visit the "Little Stitches" fan page on facebook. For IP rights and further inquires reach out to Gian directly.

Oliver Conrad, Gian Klainguti, Araya Bernhard, Jan Sommer, Yves Kuperberg, Dennis Guggenheim and many more.

Pictoplasma Berlin

Executive Producer
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TEDx Show Opener

As a former TEDx speaker Gian and his team were invited to produce a show opener for TEDx Zürich...

The outcome: a mesmerizing animation where Gian's favorite animation director Erik Righetti re-imagines the way animation is created. The unique animation journey involved shooting life action, turning the real frames into abstract paintings, and then bringing it soulfully together again. Gian is extremely proud to be the Executive Producer of Erik's marvellous work. Gian featured ten original paintings of Erik at the "Wheel of Life" exhibition in 2016 in the Swiss Alps.

Silver Ciclope 2016

Executive Producer
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Altersvorsorge 2020

Swisslife, one of Switzerlands largest pension funds approached Gian with an intellectual challenge...

Namely, to visualise the complex three pillar pension structure and how it is increasingly under stress. The poetic explainer movie describes the negative impact of demographic change combined with low interest rates on the Swiss retirement system.

©Kompost Dominik Grejc, Dennis Guggenheim, Cyril Böhler, Harry Herchenroth

Concept & Creative Director
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Transforming Education in Cocoa Communities

When the Jacobs Foundation reached out to ask for an animated video that could portrait the depth of their work in Cocoa Communities we were honoured...

The script was developed by Gian and had to touch various points of the complex work TRECC (Transforming Education in Cocoa Communities) is doing in primarily Africa. The projects was directed by animation wizard Erik Righetti with music from Mimicsound and designs from Manu Correa Soto.

A big thank you goes to Fabio Seguro for reaching out and the intense Sunday afternoon brain storm sessions.

Script, Creative Director
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Zweifel - Monsterfish

This award winning TV commercial und multilayered campaign, was created at Kompost for the iconic Swiss Brand "Zweifel".

It was designed and directed by the acclaimed animation Director Oliver Conrad (Co-founder of Kompost) shows in an ironic way just how crispy this irresistible snack really is.

Image ©Kompost / Audio©JingleJungle


Executive Producer
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Spaceman Stu

Leo Burnett (USA) asked Kompost to create an original animation for McDonalds to promote Apple slices in their Happy Meal...

The story and the visuals show the colourful environment projected from Spaceman Stu's point of view. Stu loves to gaze at the stars with a fish bowl over his head, dreaming of floating among them in space one day.

©Kompost, ©McDonalds USA


Executive Producer
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